Positive Weight Loss Study in Canyon Lake, CA George A. Scheele, M.D.

Dr. Scheele conducted a positive 3-month, 6 month and 12-month weight loss study on Factor4 Weight Control in a group of 25 subjects in Canyon Lake, CA in 2007. The paper which reports on this positive study is available for review by interested parties.

  • Twenty four out of twenty five subjects lost weight with:
    • An average loss of 8.5 pounds over the 3 month period.
    • An average loss of 17.6 pounds at 6 months
    • An average loss of 33.4 pounds at 12 months.
  • In contrast to numerous weight loss products and dietary regimens that cause little or no sustained reductions in body weight, the subjects in this study, who followed a regimen of Power Amino Acids, showed significant, sustained, and persistent losses in body weight.
  • Note below that the weight loss results observed with Power Amino Acids® are significantly more than the weight loss observed with the Adkins Diet, the Zone Diet, the Dean Ornish Diet or the National Guidelines Diet. Also note that the weight loss observed at 6 months with the Power Amino acids was significantly greater than the 12 month results observed with the four (4) diets.
Factor4 Weight Control® (12 month study) 33 lbs
Factor4 Weight Control® (6 month study) 18 lbs
Atkins Diet (12 month study) 10 lbs
National Guidelines (12 month study) 6 lbs
Dean Ornish (12 month study) 1 5 lbs
Zone (12 month study) 3.5 lbs