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The three month weight loss study was conducted from May 15 through August 15, 2006. Subjects participated in weekly body composition measurements that included (i) body weight in pounds, (ii) body fat in pounds and percent, (iii) lean body weight in pounds & percent, (iv) total body water, and (v) body mass index, which scores body weight as “normal” (BMI, 18.5 to 25), “overweight” (BMI, 25 to 30) or “obese” (BMI, >30).


Each of the subjects that participated in the weight loss study had a history of chronic, refractory overweight and obese conditions for many years, most for more than 10 to 20 years. The majority of these subjects had tried several, if not many, fashionable diets and weight-loss medications with little success. While they were successful in losing a few pounds with each diet, they were unable to sustain weight loss due to a variety of reasons.


Twenty four out of twenty five (24/25) subjects lost weight during the 3 month study demonstrating that 96% of subjects achieved weight loss during the Factor4 Control Study. The weight loss observed in the 24 successful subjects was 8.4 pounds on average.


Because of the success of the 3 month study, it was decided to determine whether or not a subgroup of subjects could continue to lose weight by following the Factor4 Weight Control® regimen for an additional 3 months, making a total of 6 months. Thirteen (13) subjects signed up to continue the weight loss regimen over an additional 3 month period. Subjects continued to show steady, cumulative and persistent weight loss which demonstrated an average of 16.2 pounds of body weight lost.


Because of the success of the 6 month study, it was decided to determine whether or not a subgroup of subjects could continue to lose weight by following the Factor4 Weight Control® regimen for an additional 6 months, making a total of 12 months. Body weight and composition measurements during this extension were taken at monthly intervals. Eleven (11) of the 13 subjects elected to continue the study. Subjects continued to show steady, cumulative and persistent weight loss success which demonstrated an average of 33.4 pounds of body weight lost. These time points represent 4.5%, 8.2% and 16% of body weight. The FDA considers a 5% reduction in body weight significant for weight loss claims.


People who dropped out of the study did so because they were generally satisfied with their weight loss goals.


None of the 25 subjects complained of harmful side effects. Since the clinical weight loss study, Factor4 Weight Control® has been used on more than 700 subjects without harmful side effects. Less than 2% of patients/customers experienced mild symptoms of “gas” or “loose stools” when they first ingested Factor4. By decreasing the dose of Factor4 to 1 tspn per serving for the first week, these patients were able to fully adapt to the powder in the recommended dosages and most if not all have continued to take Factor4 without incident for several years.

  • Read the letter that Susan Perkins, one of the subjects who participated in the 12 month study, wrote which described, in detail, her history of weight loss efforts using diets and weight-loss drugs over a period of 25 to 30 years.
  • See the results of a focus group discussion among weight loss subjects following the study.
  • See the detailed graph of weight loss observed in the eleven (11) subjects that completed the full 12 month clinical study.
  • See the results of individual testimonials, some with “before” and “after” pictures, that were submitted by subjects associated with the weight loss study financed by the company.
  • A copy of the manuscript describing the details of the Factor4 weight loss study is available on request at gscheele@san.rr.com.
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    Based on weekly measurements of body weight as well as body composition (percent body fat, fat pounds, lean body mass, total body water and body mass index) in a group of 25 overweight and obese adults (9 males and 16 females), the following positive effects were observed:

  • The results of the 3 month study showed that 96% of subjects (24 out of 25 subjects) who followed the Factor4 Weight Loss regimen over that period of time lost weight.
  • The results of the six month study on 13 subjects indicated that subjects continued to lose significant additional weight during the second 3 month period.
  • Weight loss performance fell into three groups: (i) modest weight loss (1-9 pounds; n = 13 subjects), (ii) moderate weight loss (10-19 pounds; n = 6 subjects) and (iii) large-scale weight loss (20-29 pounds; n = 5 subjects).
  • Body Mass Index decreased in all subjects measured. Weight loss occurred in the absence of forced dietary changes and increased exercise.

    NovaLife Nutrition conducted a 24 week weight loss study in Canyon Lake, CA, to assess the effectiveness of Factor4 Weight Control™ in causing weight loss in a group of women and men who suffered from chronic refractory overweight disorders and obesity over the past 10-20 years. Twenty four (24) out of twenty five (25) subjects lost significant amounts of weight, indicating a 96% success rate. Note that subjects were not required to engage in an exercise routine or adhere to a strict dietary regimen. The graphs below represent body weight measurements in 8 subjects that lost between 15 and 30 pounds. Weight loss performance may be further accelerated by combining Factor4 Weight Control™ with modest restrictions in food intake and modest engagements in exercise routines. Under these conditions individuals may lose up to 1 pound of weight every two days.

    Participant Feedback

    Why Does Factor4 Weight Control™ Work When Other Weight Loss Diets and Medications Do Not?


    On December 1, 2009 the FTC’s Regulatory and Enforcement Authority under Section 5 of the Federal Trade Commission Act (FTCA) issued revised guidelines concerning the use of endorsements and testimonials in advertisements for dietary supplements. In the spirit of full disclosure mandated by the FTC’s Revised Guides on truth in advertising, NovaLife Inc. submits the following detailed information related to the design and execution of its Factor4 weight loss study conducted in 2006-2007.

    This information includes the results of the study at 3 months, 6 months and 12 months and provides adequate and reliable substantiations for the claims and testimonials posted on this website. The company believes that the testimonials and endorser’s experiences are typical for users of Factor4 Weight Control™. While the results are presented as average values for the respective groups, individual results may vary in accordance with biological variations observed in relatively small study groups.

    This information is submitted in an attempt to control unfair or deceptive advertising in commerce and to promote transparency in communication with existing and potential customers.


    NovaLife, under Dr. Scheele’s leadership, intends to conduct double-blind, placebo-controlled clinical trials of Factor4 health products using unbiased Contract Research Organizations (CROs) in the near future.