Power Amino Acids® in Factor4 Weight Control®:

Suppress Appetite using nature's way to abolish food cravings, hunger pangs, famished states and eating binges.

Inhibit Desire for refined sugars and starch-rich foods that provide empty calories to the body.

Reset Metabolic Pathways from fat storage to fat burning metabolism.

Rebalance the Caloric Equation to achieve weight-loss health without counting calories, points or blocks

Lose weight easily with Factor4®…the way Mother Nature intended. look younger, live longer and feel better!

With Factor4 Weight Control® you will lose your sweet tooth and tame your appetite, which is essential to losing excess weight and building a lean, healthy body. But there is more to Factor4® than just weight loss. With improved metabolic health you will also look younger, live longer and feel better!

Scientific research has shown that Power Amino Acids® provide a strong signal of satiety to the appetite centers in the brain and stomach. The beneficial effect of appetite suppression (satiety) abolishes food cravings, hunger attacks, famished states and eating binges

Power Amino Acids® have been proven to correct deficiencies in amino acids, proteins, and metabolic pathways that affect your ability to lose weight, restore metabolic health, and revitalize youth. Power Amino Acids® provide the correct dosage of essential, branched, and positive-charged amino acids that your body cannot produce. Because Power Amino Acids® suppress appetite, burn fat, build muscle, and boost energy and these four benefits work together to normalize body weight, we call our new technology Factor4 Health® and our new product Factor4 Weight Control®.