Triple-ADT Technologies in Factor4 Products provides the first effective proteomics strategies to help Prevent and Treat Viral Infections, like Covid19.


The foundation for Viral Treatment and Cure can be found in Dr. Scheele’s 2011 book, called “The Obesity Cure,” although it came long before Covid19 appeared.

In its most simplistic form, sugar destroys the two positive-charged amino acids (e.g. L- Lysine and L-Arginine), within the entire set of 20 amino acids required for life) through a process called Glycation, whereby the sugar attaches to the positive-charged amino acids and nullifies the charge. This defect has an enormous impact on the distribution of the proteins within subcellular compartments of the cell. For example, by destroying the positive charge on intracellular proteins, this glycation event prevents the protein called FOX01 (positive charge) from entering into the nucleus of the cell, where it regulates gene expression among negative-charged DNA.

As shown by investigators at the Joslin Clinic, when excess sugars and particularly High Fructose Corn Syrup, strip FOX01 of its positive charges, FOX01 can no longer enter the cell nucleus where it can regulate gene expression. Researchers at the Joslin Clinic demonstrated that when positive-charged Fox01 enters the cell nucleus the organism (animal or human) shows the “Lean Phenotype.” In contrast, when FOX01 is glycated and loses its positive charge it no longer enters the cell nucleus and this leads to the “Obese Phenotype,” which promotes viral infections. 


In the 2020 Covid Pandemic, Obesity and other Chronic Degenerative Diseases, like Type-2 diabetes, Cholesterol Disorders, Hypertension, and Cardiovascular Disease increase the chances of death from the Covid virus because the metabolic health of the organism is unusually susceptible to viral invasions. However, when the Chronic Degenerative Diseases have been treated with the essential amino acids contained in the Triple-ADT Technology, the organism regains its health status to help prevent the invasion of Covid19 virus.


In the event that an individual becomes infected with any virus, including the Covid19 virus, Triple ADT technologies with essential amino acids serve as an “Immune Booster” to help increase the rate of synthesis of Covid19 antibodies which helps to enhance the body’s ability to contain the viral infection and ultimately dispose of the viral particles. In the case of the Covid19 virus, this response serves to help treat the Covid19 infection.


Triple-ADT Technologies provides the only effective, and first Proteomics Therapy, to Help Prevent and Treat Viral Infections. Triple-ADT Technologies are protected by three issued patents. 

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Bon Voyage to Better Health

George A. Scheele, MD and the Factor4 Marketing Team 


Over the past month the New York Times has been replete with articles that report unusual outcomes in the Covid19 Pandemic. First off, the 8-18-21 NY Times reported “Breakthrough Covid19 infections” have occurred despite prior vaccination in approximately 20% of cases. Second, the 8-20-21 NY times reported on the growing list of “Long Covid-19 Infections,” with prolonged fatigue, coughing or loss of the sense of smell for weeks or months after a Covid19 infection. Long Covid may even morph into Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome or ARDS, a deadly lung inflammation, which may require intubation and artificial ventilation that are surprisingly frequent. Of great consequence is the finding in a recent study on “Long Covid” reported that no Covid Antibodies were found in 61% of patients. At present it seems that Pandemonium reigns in the spread of Covid19 viruses. However, Basic Science tells a different story.

Immunity to a Viral Infection or to a Vaccine depends on the body mounting a robust immune response to the Antigen, which is either the Virus or the Vaccine. An immune response means that the body responds to the virus or the vaccine by producing positive-charged antibodies that can inactivate the negative-charged viral infection. In all cases, Antibodies are positive-charged proteins that can bind to and inactivate the negative-charged viral particles. But the Human Body has difficulty in synthesizing the two positive-charged amino acids that are required in the antibody molecule. L-Lysine [+] is never made by the human body and must be obtained from the diet. The human body loses the ability to produce L-Arginine [+] between the ages of 70 and 80. See the chart below. 

Let’s first review the ability of the human body to synthesize positive-charged amino acids like L-Lysine [+] and L-Arginine [+] in the chart below:


Essential Amino Acids
(The body can never make these EAAs)
(Hence they must be included in the Diet)
Semi-Essential Amino Acids
(The body loses the ability to make these AAs between Age 70 and 80)
Non-Essential Amino Acids
(The body can always make these AAs)(Hence, no need to add to diet)
L-Leucine L-Tyrosine L-Asparagine
L-Isoleucine L-Glycine L-Aspartate [-]
L-Valine L-Cysteine L-Glutamate [-]
L-Threonine L-Proline L-Alanine
L-Methionine L-Glutamine L-Serine
L-Phenylalanine L-Arginine [+]
L-Lysine [+]


Note that the two positive-charged amino acids, L-Lysine [+] and L-Arginine [+] are colored blue. This chart indicates that at any age L-Lysine [+] needs to be obtained from dietary sources and over the age of 70, L-Arginine [+] also needs to be obtained from the diet. All this worked beautifully before the 1970s.

However, in the 1970s the Food Industry in America began to add High Fructose Corn Syrup (HFCS) to Breads, Baked Goods, Deserts, Fast Foods and Colas to extend the shelf-life of these products from 1 day to 2 weeks. In a chemical process called “Glycation” or the “Maillard Reaction” (see Wikipedia). HFCS rapidly destroys the positive-charges associated with both L-Lysine [+] and L-Arginine [+]. Therefore, in the presence of HFCS in the diet, humans have extreme difficulty in mounting an effective immune response to foreign antigens, including all viruses and especially Covid19 virus.

Our US Government does not understand how harmful HFCS is to the health of America. For example, HFCS has led to the rapid rise in Chronic Degenerative Diseases like (i) Obesity, (ii) Overweight Disorders, (iii) Type-2 Diabetes, (iv) Cholesterol Disorders, (v) High Blood Pressure, (vi) Cardiovascular Disease, including Heart Attack and Stroke, (vii) Cancer and (viii) Mood Disorders, including Anxiety, Depression & Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. In addition, our ability to mount an immune response to foreign antigens, like viruses and bacteria, has diminished greatly, particularly if we are not eating fresh foods and show the signs of aging past 70 years when humans lose the ability to make Semi-essential amino acids. Since the introduction of HFCS into the American Food Chain in the 70s America has suffered from (i) Poor Nutrition in 88% (280 M), (ii) Chronic Degenerative Disease in 70% (210 M) and (iii) Opportunistic viruses like Covid19 in 10% (33 M). Furthermore, since the introduction of HFCS into the American Food Chain in the mid-70s the lifespan of American citizens has diminished by 4 years, from a mean of 82 years to 78 years.

This is why Dr. Scheele added Essential Amino Acids, including high quantities of both L-Lysine [+] and L-Arginine [+] to Factor4 Weight Control®. High concentrations of these two positive-charged amino acids, by themselves, have a number of distinct positive benefits for people who take Factor4 products. High quantities of the 9 Essential Amino Acids together with even higher concentrations of the two positive-charged amino acids, L-Lysine [+] which is “Essential” and L-Arginine [+] which is “Semi-essential”, have a number of beneficial effects on the Health of Human Beings, which includes the following observations:

  • Factor4 destroys “Nutrient Toxins” like HFCS that have been added to the American Food Chain.
  • Factor4 destroys “Nutrient Toxins” in Ultra-Processed Snacks, also known has “Fast Carbs.”
  • Factor4 provides high quantities of Positive-Charged Amino Acids, like L-Lysine [+] and L-Arginine [+] which build healthy “Nutrient Sensors,” which are positive-charged proteins that sustain the health of the human body by regulating gene expression in the cell nucleus to protect Human Beings.
  • Factor4 improves the “Immune Response” to foreign antigens, like Covid19 and other viral particles, by producing positive-charged antibodies that can mount a strong immune response to negative charged viral particles to avoid viral infections and even death.
  • Customers who take Factor4 Products develop strong immune responses to all viral infections, including the Common Cold, Herpes Virus, Covid-19 and other viruses as well.

So, where does the current state of science lead us? We either remove High Fructose Corn Syrup (HFCS) from the current American Food Chain or we employ robust supplements like “Factor4 Weight Control” to (i) destroy High Fructose Corn Syrup (HFCS) and (ii) provide the positive-charged amino acids (L-Lysine [+] & L-Arginine [+]) together with the Essential and Semi-Essential Amino Acids that are required to optimize a robust immune response to Covid-19.

Factor4 Products are protected by three issued patents.

George A. Scheele, M.D.

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President of NovaLife, Inc., a C-Corporation

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Date: 8-25-21