Relief from Overweight Disorders & Obesity

150 million Americans are either Overweight or Obese.

Since 1980 the prevalence of Obesity has doubled in the US and Morbid Obesity has sextupled.

Obesity is associated with 70% of Chronic Degenerative Diseases (Wikipedia), including high blood pressure, type-2 Diabetes and high cholesterol levels, all caused by the Metabolic Syndrome.

The Metabolic Syndrome is responsible for $2 Trillion in Health-Care Costs per year in the United States alone.

Factor4 has been observed to correct Blood Pressure, Cholesterol and Triglyceride levels, Blood Sugar levels and lower C-Reactive Protein, a blood marker of inflammation.

Factor4 provides the essential amino acids that are missing from the American Diet that is now rich in sugar and High Fructose Corn Syrup (HFCS). Factor4 is protected by three issued patents to rebalance metabolic pathways in the body.

If you suffer from Overweight Disorders or Obesity and associated Chronic Degenerative Disease restore your Metabolic Pathways with Factor4 Weight Control®

Be sure to watch Dr. Scheele’s videos on this site to learn about the beneficial effects of Factor4 Weight Control® on Chronic Degenerative Disease. And do not miss the Video of Judge Andrew Napolitano, who lost more than 60 pounds on Factor4.

For a detailed discussion of the effects of Factor4 and its essential amino acids on the Metabolic Syndrome and Chronic Degenerative Diseases, ORDER Dr. Scheele’s 2011 book entitled “The Obesity Cure.”

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