Factor4 Weight Loss Performance

Diet Plan Weight Loss
Factor4 Weight Control™1 33 lbs
Factor4 Weight Control™2 21 lbs
Atkins3 10 lbs
National Guidelines3 6 lbs
Dean Ornish3 5 lbs
Zone3 3.5 lbs
1 12 month study 2 6 month study 3 12 month results JAMA, March 2007

Appetite Suppression vs. Nutrient Absorption Times

Power Amino Acids™ are absorbed in minutes

Nutrient Absorption Times* Appetite Suppression
Power Amino Acids™
(Factor4 Weight Control™)
5-10 minutes ++++
Whey Protein 2 Hours +
Soy Protein 4 hours +
Casein Protein 8 hours +
*Absorption times from Protient Technologies

Factor4 Rebuilds the Body With Power Amino Acids™

Positive effects of Factor4 Weight Control™ on the 8 major health systems in the body

  • Body weight and energy health (less fat, more muscle, more pep, energy, activity, stamina and endurance)
  • Beauty health (healthier skin, hair, and nails)
  • Mental balance/health (improved mood, sleep, and memory; relief of stress and depression)
  • Digestive health (appetite suppression; relief of gastric reflux and indigestion)
  • Medical health (lower blood pressure, cholesterol, blood sugar and body inflammation, risk factors for metabolic syndrome)
  • Immune health (resistance to viruses and fungi)
  • Reproductive health (desire, function)
  • Aging health (well-being, slower aging, longer life)

Factor4 is Better Than High Protein Foods

High-protein foods contain:

  • An abundance of second-hand calories (fat and carbohydrate)
  • the wrong kind of protein for weight loss
    • They are enriched in negative-charged proteins and amino acids that build muscle mass
    • They are deficient in positive-charged proteins and amino acids that improve body weight and health
    • They lead to weight gain unless intense exercise routines employed

Factor4 is Better Than Protein Shakes

Protein drinks, with whey, casein, soy, or egg white protein:

  • Delay the absorption of amino acids.
    • absorption of amino acids typically delayed 2 to 8 hours
    • This allows for only minimal appetite suppression
  • Contain the wrong kind of protein for weight loss
    • These are enriched with negative-charged proteins that build muscle mass
    • They are deficient in positive-charged proteins that super-charge health and lead to weight loss
    • Drinking these protein shakes leads to weight gain unless exercise routines are employed.