Testimonials from Real People who incorporate Factor4 Weight Control into their diets

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Armour B.

Lost 29 Pounds!*

  • Stopped eating double-sized meals
  • Energy unequaled in Tennis Club
  • At age 78 I win most of the tennis matches and tournaments
  • I feel decades younger and no one guesses my age


Hale G.

Lost 17 Pounds!*

  • Reduced his BMI
  • Experienced an increase in energy strength and endurance
  • Experienced better digestion and less acid reflux


Anna C.

Lost 16 Pounds!*

  • Replaced snacking with Factor4 shakes
  • Reduced food cravings
  • Reduced her colds and viruses


Susan P

Lost 25 Pounds!*

  • Decreased her skirt size from a 14 to an 8
  • Tried over 30 diets before having success with Factor4 Weight Control
  • Experienced increased pep and energy


Eric Shaner

I Lost 56 lbs

  • 4 Months on Factor4
  • Lost 56 lbs
  • Type-2 Diabetic
  • His Blood Chemistry Now Normal

Jane McBride

Lost 47 and counting!*

  • I suffer from a familial myasthenia syndrome and doing simple household chores is a constant challenge.
  • I saw an advertisement for Factor4 and decided to give it a try.
  • To date I have lost 47 pounds and plan to continue to lose another 20-25 to achieve

Michael Hollingsworth

Lost 33 lbs.*

  • I am 62 years old and have been overweight for the past 15 years. I tried lots of different weight loss programs & products with no luck. Then I found F4 and started in June 2014. One month passed no weight loss but I could tell that the priming had begu

Leah Davis

I lost 30 lbs!*

  • This product has been amazing!
  • I am so glad that I found this
  • The shakes are tasty too

Judith Grimes

I lost 26 lbs.*

  • Suffered from Obesity
  • Type 2 Diabetes
  • Long Time Smoker
  • Picture Withheld by Request

Antonio M.

Lost 48 Pounds!*

  • No cravings and eating less
  • Feeling better with increased energy
  • Looking better too...younger
  • Beginning to turn heads again

Ann S.

Lost 30 Pounds!*

  • Factor4 has alleviated my Fibromyalgia
  • Previously bed-ridden
  • Now active and stretching
  • F4 has given me my life back

Brian L.

Lost 35 Pounds!*

  • No cravings
  • Body now in better shape
  • Could not ask for more

Chuck S.

Lost 20 Pounds!*

  • Diabetes improved
  • Fasting blood sugar down by 30%
  • Insulin requirements decreased
  • Appetite reduced
  • Energy increase

Donna L.

Lost 12 Pounds!*

  • 3-day migraines reduced to 1-day
  • Incapacitation now lifted
  • Capacity to enjoy life has returned

Edward M.

Lost 35 Pounds!*

  • Life improved
  • Looks younger
  • Feels better

Elsa C.

Lost 40 Pounds!*

  • Migraines have disappeared
  • Feels 20 years younger
  • Coworkers all taking Factor4

Jane P.

Lost 30 Pounds!*

  • Feels better with each shake
  • Increased energy
  • Improved sleep

Keith C.

Lost 50 Pounds!*

  • Blacksmith achievements increased
  • Body health greatly improved
  • Looks younger and sleeps better

James H.

Lost 120 Pounds!*

  • Enjoys increased energy and decreased appetite
  • Body strength regained
  • Spreading Factor4 story to everyone

Frank N.

Lost 15 Pounds!*

  • Lost his belly paunch
  • Cholesterol dropped 50 points
  • Chronic morning back ache disappeared
  • Feels young and healthy again

Lee B.

Lost 30 Pounds!*

  • Lost his paunch
  • Circulation in legs improved
  • Open skin sores healed

Richard S.

Lost 20 Pounds!*

  • Belly fat disappeared
  • Recovery greatly improved after endurance cycling
  • Broke 3000 miles cycling this year for first time

Jane W.

Lost 50 Pounds!*

  • Fibromyalgia symptoms significantly descreased
  • Improved her life 80%
  • Now able to take a new job
  • Overjoyed with loss of body aches
  • Much more energy
  • No cravings

Bo M.

Lost 12 Pounds!*

  • Looks younger with weight loss
  • Enjoys appetite suppression with feelings of comfort
  • satisfaction and well-being
  • Regained feelings in lower legs
  • Can now walk without a cane

Daniel B.

Lost 92 Pounds!*

  • More energy and better health
  • Able to return to postman’s job
  • Crohn’s symptoms disappeared after 16 years of suffering
  • GRATEFUL customer

Laura E.

Lost 18 Pounds!*

  • Helped her control her food swings
  • Helped her control her sugar cravings
  • Helped to curb her medical ailments

Denise V.

Lost 10 Pounds!*

  • Lost cellulite
  • Experienced increased energy
  • Feels 10 to 15 years younger

Deanna R.

Lost 27 Pounds!*

  • Eliminated increased energy
  • Stopped binge eating
  • Decreased her BMI

Elizabeth H.

Lost 20 Pounds!*

  • Reduced hunger pangs and food swings
  • Experienced better sleep
  • Experienced increased energy during the day

Ray A.

Lost 26 Pounds!*

  • Dramatically reduced his appetite
  • Increased his energy and enjoyed sports more
  • Decreased his arthritis pains

Dr. Blackwell

Lost 35 Pounds!*

  • Decreased his cholesterol from 210 to 163!
  • Decreased his blood sugar
  • Lost cravings for ice cream and sweets